The Best GM Motors Get Better With LME Engines

The Best GM Motors Get Better With LME Engines

Late Model Engines, or LME Engines, as they are commonly called, provide some of the best LS and LT motors money can buy to race teams, professional builders, and power-hungry individuals.

Transparency is not always at the top of the list of reasons to choose LME Engines for your next GM engine build. It is extremely important to understand what goes into a particular internal upgrade, and what makes LME stand out from the other performance packs.

When listing the reasons to choose LME for your next GM engine build, transparency might not always come to mind. So in order to be as straightforward as possible, here are some key details about the LME advantage, along with some really cool in-house shots of this diverse Houston, Texas, team doing what it does best.

Pistons made of diamonds

Adding billet aluminum rods and polished pins to LME Engines’ custom 2K forged Diamond Pistons for another 2,000 horsepower engine. It’s likely LME has a winning combination for your block, regardless of whether it’s on the street, the strip, or somewhere in between. The company is known for its bonkers GM engine builds, but it continues to support those just looking for a modest performance bump and a deep cleaning. In addition to removing carbon build-up, deburring, and valve jobbing with fresh exhaust valves, LME is capable of porting pretty much any factory LS or LT head.

Aspen Mountain

In addition to getting a hand-blended valve job, each head is reassembled using the spring height that corresponds to the camshaft you have chosen. By doing this, the heads are ready for immediate installation, and the customer does not need to worry about whether the work was done correctly. The NA LTX package is designed from the ground up for road racing, as the C7 Z06 intends to conquer Pikes Peak later this year. LME customizes every camshaft for the LT series of engines in NA form due to the engine’s ability to deliver impressive amounts of reliable power

The LME Engines

You’re looking at Jim there. The Hines balancer at LME is being used by Jim to remove some material. Using a spot drill, he marks and pre-drills the exact spot. In order to remove any erroneous metal, he uses a full-size drill bit at a much slower speed. Using this process, each engine builder balances that day’s build with the crankshaft they are using. As a result of this additional level of quality control, fewer slip-ups occur and detailed construction sheets are available for every square centimeter of the project.


Let’s meet Mike. In his spare time, you can find him keeping LME Engines’ proverbial pistons pumping as a shop manager. Mike oversees every build coming in, ensures each motor is modified properly and makes sure every engine goes home happy. The caped crusader has over 20 years of engine-building experience and a resume that boasts NASCAR and NHRA at the top.

Meet Mike

Sometimes engine builds are intended for endurance rather than unbridled performance. In contrast to drag racing, events like drifting, and road racing involve high RPMs for extended periods of time. With piston oil squirters, LME Engines’ ingenuity keeps pistons cool and lubricated for both performance and reliability. LME drills an angled hole within the mains tap it and installs squirters in the ideal location after using a drill. Planning on turbocharging your C8, but not sure if that LT2 has what it takes to cut the kimchi? LME has the ability to turn the average LT2 engine into one extremely reliable rocket.