Ceramic Coating

Auto Ceramic Coating

A paint protection

system for your car is ceramic coating. It offers a long-lasting, high gloss finish that guards against scratches and other damages to your car. To provide a layer of defence against the elements, the ceramic coating can be placed to your car’s exterior.

What Sets Ceramic Coating Apart From Wax?

A protective layer for your car’s surface is wax. Your car’s surface can be waxed to protect it from factors like dirt and water that can harm it. The surface of your car can also be protected with ceramic coatings. Ceramic coatings give greater protection against things like dirt, water, and other factors while also being more durable than wax.

You can use ceramic coating to shield your car from deterioration, rust, and corrosion brought on by water exposure. Additionally, since dirt won’t attach to your automobile as readily as it generally does after applying it, washing your car will be simpler. They can also be applied in a single coat as opposed to numerous coats like paint, which makes them less expensive than paint. All of this adds up to the decreased cost of car maintenance that you might obtain by coating your car with ceramic. Wax, on the other hand, won’t give your car the whole range of advantages that ceramic coating may, merely a shine.

With a ceramic coating, you only need to apply the product one time and it can potentially last up to 10 years or more! Ceramic coating also acts as a shield for your car and prevents the stains from being absorbed by the vehicle’s surface.

How Are Automotive Ceramic Coatings Created & Applied?

A ceramic, aluminium oxide, and silica liquid mixture is used to create a ceramic coating for automobiles, which is then applied to the vehicle’s surface. It can take up to three hours to apply the liquid with a cloth. Why? Well, it’s because before beginning the ceramic coating process for your automobile, you have to make sure that it has been fully cleaned, dried, and has had any scratches removed or minimised using a scratch remover so that the coating that attaches to the surface of your car has the greatest impact. If not, the finish has a glassy appearance.

The primer, colour, and clear coat are the three layers that make up the ceramic coating. This procedure offers a stunning finish that will last for many years. First, the primer is applied. It is made of a robust, scratch-resistant substance and will begin the colouring process. Before applying your ceramic coating for a stunning finish, the primer will smooth the surface and cover blemishes and defects. The second layer applied is the colour coat. You can use a single coat or two coats to apply it. If you opt to use this single-color coating, there would be no need for a clear coat because the colour normally coats the surface in one application. With these two, the finish will have a gloss lustre with a ceramic appearance.

A primer and clear coat would be applied before the second colour coat if you decided to have your ceramic coating done in two different colours. The final ceramic finishing layer is the transparent coat. It will add the finishing touch to your colour and safeguard it from scuffs, scratches, and other damage. Once you have chosen the colours for your two or three-layer process, you should look for a local installer that can assist with installation and is prepared to collaborate with you on a custom finish at a fair price.


In a word, ceramic coating is a great option for your car to protect it from nicks, erosion, and make it last a lifetime. Additionally, it aids in long-term financial savings.

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